Color Glass

ICA Color Glass

ICA Color Glass is water-based paints can be applied by brushing, by spraying [manually, with an automatic sprayer or electrostatically], by curtain-coating or by rolling.

Cold paints can be dried at room temperature [or in rapid-dring ovens], whereas the thermosetting paints can be dried in ovens at temperatures of up to 200 °C for. After drying, the painted glass can be worked on directly, undergoing operations such as cutting, grinding, sealing and gluing.

Products with low environments impact

ICA water-based coatings for glass are odourless and, thanks to their low-level content of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), they make it possible to respect the regulations on the limitation of solvent emissions into the atmosphere.

Moreover, these are non-flammable products, making them easy to store, and they are also dilutable in water, so they are easy to prepare and use.


Thanks to the advance technologies of today and the known affinity of silicones for glass. there is now an economic, water-based elastomeric coating that provides the optimum in glass opacification OPACI-COAT from Industrial Control Development, Inc.

ICD-ColoGlas with its nearly unlimited range of colours offers greatly increased options for interior glass applications. Used on clear or reflective glass it can add shimmering, jewel-like colours to the interiors of hotels, shops, restaurants, galleries and clubs, as well as residential kitchens and baths. the use of ColoGlas is limited only by the imagination of the user either for new construction, remodelling or retrofitting. Glass and colour – a truly dazzling combination.

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